Christmas chez Shipley in Chicago - Part 1

Due to space restrictions on the web site host the larger pictures have been removed from this page.  

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Email for more information

Xmas begins...(L->R) Jim, Erika and Debbie making the pop-corn cranberry streamers for the tree (107-0722)

Then the carollers arrive... (107-0726 - Movie Removed from Web Site)


Erika and Lyanne do some last minute Xmas shopping...via the Internet of course (107-0732)

The mince pies must be made...and Chris the Xmas elf makes 4 dozen in record time... (107-0737)

...Unfortunately the Xmas elf was then very naughty and had to be tied up.... (107-0739)

Then...via some international florist collusion conspiracy some flowers were delivered from Birmingham to Chicago...can't imagine how that happened...(psst I won't tell mum/Janet if you don't...Antony) (107-0740)