Various Upward and related family photos....taken May and August 2002.

Due to space restrictions on the web site host the larger pictures have been removed from this page.  

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Clara and Lyanne on the Slides at Melton Mobrey (104-0459)

"Man this milk is good" (104-0469)

Granddaughter meets a delighted Great-grandfather! (104-0471)

Richard and Edward sharing memories of Cristofr (aka Christopher) (104-0478)

The Four Grandsons  (L->R Richard, Antony, Ian, David) with Grandfather (Edward) (104-0483...104-0485)


De'aths and Upwards (L->R Terry, Marjorie, Richard, Clara, Janet, Alison, Antony) (104-0488)


Janet and Clara blow bubbles (104-0496)


Janet, Kathy, Ian and Chris at 61 Valentine Road (KN001018)


'The Great Friends" - L->R Cyril, Christine, Christopher, Marjorie, Janet, Terry in Loughborough, May 26, 2002 (KN002009)

One of the Lake District Holidays... "Dam Building"...1974 or 1975? L->R Christopher, Richard, Antony, Marcus, Lawrence, Andrew, Terry, Cyril, Christine (LakeDistrict)


"The Mafia and the Don" (aka Grandpa and Antony), Freshwater  Bay, July 2002 (104-0417)

The Upward / Jackson Family Portrait...anyone care to remind me who these people are and the number of "greats" to a recent generation.  I know the samplers in the Sandown drawing room are from one or both of these ladies. (104-0439)